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Dec 30, 2016 Many years ago Teak Decks for boats were the norm. The teak was laid on the deck Material cost, Real teak is expensive. Labor cost, Ease of

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The synthetic teak marine decking specialists for Fort Lauderdale and the State of Florida. A real teak look without the maintenance. VIEW FULL

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Mar 1, 2016 Modern, thin teak decks need lots of regular care, and so it's vital to follow this advice on how True, his deck looks great… from the pontoon.

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Real Teak decking has been used on boats for hundreds of years and has stood the test of time. From ocean liners and luxury yachts, to day sailers and motor

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PLASDECK ECO SERIES: A Revolutionary New Boat Decking Product you quality boat and yacht decking that looks like real teak but without the maintenance! PlasDECK is a patented synthetic teak boat decking option that provides the

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Island Teak True Teak Oil is the original and only True Teak Oil that contains oils Island Teak proudly offers Burma teak boat decking, available in standard

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Apr 7, 2016 Fortunately, if tackled correctly, teak decking cleans up remarkably easily and effectively. Get it right and you'll floor the beauty of real wood.

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Nov 27, 2013 In most cases with wooden boats, a solid plywood sub-deck made of types of boats, we also have epoxy-backed real teak panels custom

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Jan 23, 2016 Albeit not really obstructed my boat shows a load of signs and traces of “Of course: A nicely crafted wooden deck made from real Teak is pure

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Dek-King 2G premium synthetic teak boat decking is 30% cooler and 32% lighter superb marine decking solution which retains the look and feel of a real teak

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A real teak deck is not only the most apparent surface of the vessel's exterior, it is also one of the most impressive, creating a look of unmistakable lasting beauty.

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Oct 7, 2014 When building a new boat, the teak deck accounts for a large share of the Interestingly, the variability and flaws in real teak is what still draws

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Discover our range of synthetic teak marine decking. a real teak boat deck whilst providing excellent anti-slip performance and low maintenance requirements.

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May 2, 2018 Interested in renovating your boat, and adding teak decking are shelling out the money for a new teak deck, make sure that you get true teak

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THEN: Originally developed in 1979 to provide enthusiastic boat owners who had basic woodworking skills a way to install a teak deck on their own boats, the

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Apr 16, 2014 Don't underestimate this; a new teak deck for a 40-foot boat will cost Again, patience is the key here; the less actual scrubbing you do the