reflectance of grey weathered wood

Presidential Shake Series - CertainTeed

Presidential Shake, shown in Shadow Gray Classic Weathered Wood Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) values were calculated using ASTM E408 TE values.

COOL Roofing Colors Borchure - Owens Corning

Solar Reflectance: Wood. Wood. TruDe. TruDe. Durat. Durat. Durat. Durat. TruDe. TruDe. TruDe TruDefinition Duration COOL Sierra Gray^^ . Tru-Bond is a proprietary premium weathering-grade asphalt sealant that is blended by

Supreme Data Sheet - Owens Corning

solar reflectance of 0.25 and 3-year aged solar reflectance of 0.15;. 2013 California Building Energy Estate Gray. Driftwood Weathered Wood. Amber.

List of reflectance / albedo of common materials - Corona Renderer

List of reflectance / albedo of common materials. Soil (Light/Grey) 0.4. Sand 0.15 - 0.45. Ice (Sea) 0.3 - 0.45 batten (fresh wood) - 0.35-0.42 [D-S] face skin batten (old, weathered) 0.12-0.16 [D-S] white wet sand - 0


LIGHT REFLECTANCE VALUES. PRODUCT. SHADE Bevel Line Wood PUR. 1971 Light Oak. 36.8 .. Flow Wood PUR. 9829 Grey Weathered Chevron 25.6.

Laboratory Testing of the Reflectance Properties of Roofing Materials

Jul 19, 2000 Reflectances %. Far Infrared. Emittance. Solar. UV. VIS. NIR. Aspen Gray. Weathered Wood. Autumn Brown. Surf Green. Beachwood Sand.

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Solaris Georgetown Gray. CRRC Product ID 0668- Solaris Weathered Wood acheiving exceptional wind/hail resistance and solar reflectance. PRESIDIO.

Light Reflectance Values for Standard Colors - Master Wall

#368 Driftwood. 72.05. #461 Pampas White #403 Weathered. 63.61. #505 Pearl Gray #155 Tripoli Tan. 74.24. Light Reflectance Values for Standard Colors.

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Oct 1, 2017 Light Reflectance Values. Product. Shade no Shade. LRV. Expona Simplay. Wood PUR. 2575. Natural Weathered Wood. 34.2. 2576. Grey

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reflectances were from concretes composed of dark gray fly ash. Nonmetallic opaque building materials such as masonry, concrete, and wood have an Simulated weathering, soiling, and abrasion each reduce the average reflectance of.