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Elevated Deck Systems Pedestal & Paver Component Supplier

We supply pedestal/paver components for installations over unlevel or sloped surfaces that require drainage and a level surface with no visible drains. Level.It. The Level.It adjustable pedestal system covers heights ranging from 1 ” to 12” with a weight bearing capacity of up to 750 lbs. LEARN MORE wood Tiles 

Altitudes Pedestal Adjustable Screw-Jack Deck Tile System

Create elevated surfaces with the Altitudes pedestal, adjustable screw-jack deck tile self-leveling system. around conduit; use stainless steel screws from the underside to secure wood slats; Notch cut tile corners to fit around conduit where 

How to Build Wood Decks with a Pedestal System - Archi

How to construct a traditional wood plank deck over sloping or uneven surfaces with a pedestal system.

Bauder Pedestal Support System Information PDF Download

The Bauder pedestal support system is a range of lightweight, durable paving and decking and clients when specifying open-jointed paving and decking finishes. The range of units are wood batten (joists). □ wood batten in composite.

Archi Adjustable Deck Supports Pedestal Paver Systems

Quickly and easily build elevated decks using pavers, wood tiles or steel grating over sloping or uneven substrates without the need to construct expensive supporting structures of sleepers or bearers. For building decks over pipes, cables or 

The Pedestal System for Wood Deck - YouTube

12 May 2015 The pedestal system is distributed in Australia and located in the city of Melbourne. The pedestal system for wood deck is the ultimate solution , designed a

Video - The Pedestal System

Video and tutorials about the pedestal system Australia. The best Outdoor solution for raised flooring. Click here now!

Pedestal System Product Range

The pedestal SE series is great for sloping surfaces. The pedestal EH series is is ideal for flat surfaces. The pedestal NM series is the best choice for decking. And the pedestal for wood deck series are the components needed for the 

Roof Deck & Pedestal System - Timber Holdings USA

The Iron woods Roof deck system provides unique and cost effective tile and pedestal solutions for the construction of rooftop decks.

The Pedestal System

Find out why the pedestal system is the best professional substructure system in Australia. Exclusive product for Architects and Builders. Read more here.

AWS Pedestal System: Pedestals for Pavers on Roofs and Decks

AWS brings the answer to difficult edging dilemmas with the AWS Perimeter pedestal. It snaps together just like the full pedestal system with available component shim pieces. For wood and joist decks. The AWS Joist Plate is the solution 

IPE Deck Tiles - Tile Tech Pavers

IPE deck Tiles have curve cut slots on every corner that permit them to fit perfectly into pedestal supports and permit water to drain beneath the deck, unlike the traditional wood deck tiles in which water can just seep through them. Proprietors 

Installation Videos Bison Innovative Products

30 Mar 2018 Bison wood deck Tiles & Hardwood Pavers. Bison Idea Gallery. Bison deck Planning. Bison Installation. Bison wood Tile and Paver Cutting. Bison Base Leveler. Bison Special Considerations. Bison pedestals and Stone 

Pedestal Supported Wood Plank Decks - Pedestal Paver System

You can construct a traditional wood plank deck on rooftops, plazas, terraces and garage roofs with much less work and substantially lower cost with the Eterno pedestal system for wood decks. No expensive or complex substructure of steel 

Level.It Bison Pedestals Elevated Deck Systems

the LD4 Base Levelers. The Bison Base Leveling system keeps the pedestal in a vertical position rather than sitting at an angle. Set pedestals directly over smooth surfaced roofing membranes on structural decks without attachment. Bison deck Supports Works with Traditional wood Stringers. 

Pedestal Systems – Coverdeck Systems

XL Head for SE pedestal. 3519 High-Tab pedestal. 7” across flats, 5/8” thick, 1/8” spacers for heights 5/8” up to 2”. Compensator Leveling system can be used under the Elevator system to compensate for roof slope can be used on top of the Elevator system for final leveling adjustments Snapjack General; Technical; Porcelain Application; wood Application; Accessories Made in the USA these deck tile connectors make installation easier for decking panels.

AWS Pedestal System: Pedestals for Pavers on Roofs and Decks

wood decks are everywhere. Now you can have a magnificent looking paver deck using the same framing system as a standard wooden deck. Be sure to frame your open joist system at the On Center (OC) measurement of the paver you are 

Deck Pedestals & Deck Supports - Bison & MRP - Patios, Decks

deck Supports and deck pedestals are an excellent way to support an elevated deck on virtually any surface. In a variety of applications, these products are perfect for use with deck pavers or tiles. Fastening Kit for wood Tiles by Bison.

NIVO Manufacturer of pedestals for decking and tiles : Nivo-Pedestal

Our range of pedestals. NIVO offers 2 types of pedestals: pedestals for tiles and pedestals for joists. pedestals for tiles are mainly used to support any type of freestanding tiles: wood or concrete. pedestals for joists are especially designed for 

Pedestals Bison Innovative Products

5 Oct 2018 It, and ScrewJack pedestals create level rooftop decks over sloped surfaces. Bison pedestals elevate and support wood Tiles, Concrete Pavers, Site Furnishings, and a variety of other surfaces when sophisticated, commercial 

Bison Innovative Products Deck Pedestal System Specification - Arcat

Bison VERSADJUST, LEVEL IT, and SCREWJACK pedestals create level rooftop decks over sloped surfaces. Bison pedestals elevate and support wood Tiles, Concrete Pavers, Site Furnishings and a variety of other surfaces when 

Bison Innovative Products Deck Supports Elevated Deck Supports

Bison Innovative Products create outdoor spaces in a variety of applications: rooftop deck terraces, plazas, This independently tested, modular pedestal deck system allows rooftop decks to be installed quickly and easily wood TILES 

Pedestal for Wood Deck - The Pedestal System

Discover why the pedestal for wood deck range is Australia ultimate solution to bring any type of plank to a new height. Read more on the pedestal system.

Pedestal Supports - Eco Arbor Designs

No one pedestal system is perfect for every type of raised floor and thats why our pedestal line up is so unique to others out there offring only Superior wood deck tile fastening system creates a tight (no movement bond) tot he pedestal head

Deck Systems Buzon Pedestals International

deck systems with Buzon pedestals can accommodate endless material surfaces from wood tiles or planking to composite and intricate shapes. Buzon pedestals can be strewn with joist hangers and covered with decking material or can 

DIY-network-patio-deck supports - pedestal system Roofdeck Ideas

DIY-network-patio-deck supports - pedestal system. Bison wood deck tiles Installs in a breeze deckExpressions . Tile Tech pedestal pavers system are designed for concrete pavers, porcelain pavers and IPE wood deck tiles to lay level