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3 Jan 2017 Thinking of replacing your wood Deck with rot-resistant Composite Decking material Read this first. (Some solid-core products can weigh as much as 5 pounds per foot, which is three times the Weight of cedar.) High-end 

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1 1/2” Composite Deck NORMAL Weight CONCRETE (145 pcf). Notes: 1. Load tables are calculated using section properties based on the steel design thickness shown in the Steel Deck Institute (SDI) design manual. 2. Minimum exterior 

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Wood species commonly used as Decking on patios and Decks include redwood, cedar, and pressure-treated pine. In recent years, other wood species have become available, as have Composite and metal Decking.Decking is sold in the 

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MetFloor 80 shallow trapezoidal Composite floor Deck has an exceptional unpropped span capacity, even greater than MetFloor 60. Providing excellent Slab Depth (mm), Concrete volume (m3/m2), Weight of concrete (kN/m<sup>2</sup>) Normal Weight 

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The 5-inch-thick Composite Deck carried two 35-ton test trucks during a field test, with a self-Weight of about 20 psf. The lightWeight Deck helped improve the load rating of the bridge, which was a priority for the owner. The end result of the 

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Composite performance – floor slab: New embossments on ComFlor® 51+ give even better shear key. Composite performance – beam: The classic re-entrant profile shape provides the most effective shear stud Volume and Weight.

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24 Jul 2017 What to look for when calculating Deck load. As homeowners enter the summer months, many are looking into DIY projects that will allow them to upgrade their.

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River Bridges (KCSB) are steel/concrete Composite Deck slab bridges developed by JFE Engineering. The construction Weight of River Bridges is far lighter than that of concrete-based bridges, so heavy equipment can be downsized.

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This design is exceptionally resistant to compressive buckling resulting in superior span capability compared to traditional Decks. Low concrete and steel usage: A low volume of concrete is needed reducing Weight and steel requirement. Better for Health and Safety: The profile is 600mm cover as recommended by Health and Safety guidelines to allow a lighter Weight sheet which reduces strain on installation operatives. .. Building Systems UK · ComFlor · Composite floor Deck.

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Marcore is a 2'' deep dovetail shaped structural Composite floor Deck, roof Deck or Marcore Catalog. Marcore Composite floor Deck profile Marcore-Sr Composite Deck - Normal Weight Concrete. - Load tables, Section Properties, Shoring.

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Available Gauges: 22, 20, 18, 16. Cover Width(s): 36''. Available Finishes: Galvanized - G60, Galvanized - G90, Other Finishes Available Upon Request. CO011 DS_1.5 Composite Floor Deck.pdf. Load Tables. Normal Weight Concrete Table 

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STEEL Deck SECTION PROPERTIES (per foot of width). Base Steel Thickness (in.) Area of Steel Deck (in<sup>2</sup>), Weight (psf), Section Modules, Deflection Inertia (in<sup>4</sup>). Midspan (in<sup>3</sup>), Support (in<sup>3</sup>) 

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1 Jun 2018 Weight of Composite Decks 25% lighter than steel Decks, saving 230 tons overall. Lower vertical center of gravity reduces ballast requirement by 575 tons. Weight savings enables 805-ton increase in payload or 4.5% reduction 

Icmirabella Enhance 1 in. x 6 in. x 16 ft. Icmirabella Beach Dune Grooved Edge

Upgrade your Deck with a warm and inviting feel using Composite Decking Beach Dune Grooved Edge from Icmirabella. Fade, stain x 6 in. x 16 ft. Icmirabella Beach Dune Grooved Edge Capped Composite Decking Board . Approximate Weight (lb). 43.

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31 Aug 2018 Learn the essential pros and cons of the three most common Deck materials: pressure-treated wood, wood-Composite, and all-plastic (PVC).

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Browse 3'' Composite Deck in the ANS Steel Co. catalog including Item #,Size,Deck Type,Design Thickness,Weight.

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Browse 2'' Composite Deck in the ANS Steel Co. catalog including Item #,Size,Deck Type,Design Thickness,Weight.

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8 Feb 2018 With basic information such as the planned size, shape and potential location(s) of the hot tub, the next step is to determine exactly how much additional Weight will need to be supported in that area of the Deck.

Fiberon Horizon 1 in. x 5-1/4 in. x 20 ft. Ipe Square Edge Capped

Add durability to virtually any roofing system using this Fiberon Horizon Square Edge Capped Composite Decking Board in Ipe. Approximate board Weight - 2 lbs. per lin. ft. For residential or commercial Brown. Fastener recommendation. Composite Deck Screws. Features. Prefinished,UV Protected. Material. Composite.

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Composite Deck. 11⁄2 inch depth, 36 inch coverage. 7 foot to 10 foot Optimal Span Range. No Acustadek® Option. Lowest Composite Deck-slab Weight per square foot for the specified concrete thickness above the Deck. Meets SDI 1.5WR 

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As part of their manufacture, Composite Deck boards are treated with preservatives that help ward off rot, mold, and mildew Though comparatively heavier in Weight, Composite Decking tends to be slightly less strong than its wood cousin, so a 

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The reduced self Weight of Composite elements has a knock-on effect by reducing the forces in those elements supporting them, including the foundations. Composite systems also offer benefits in terms of speed of construction. The floor depth 

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Fully updated to SJI 44th Edition; Load and Weight tables for K, LH, DLH-Series and Joist Girders; Economical Design Guide for Updated to 2017 ANSI Standards; Expanded to include Versa-Dek<sup>®</sup>, Deep-Dek<sup>®</sup> and cellular Deck products 

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Ideal for multi rise buildings our Composite floor Decks are the ideal solution. Visit the site for more details on our products.

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This guide covers the design and construction of Composite slabs and beams, and Structural Metal Decks Ltd .. Number of sheets, their lengths and thickness. • Total bundle Weight. • Location of floor to receive bundle. • Deck type. • Bundle 

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We offer 1.5'', 2'' or 3'' deep Composite Decks. The determining factors for selecting the proper Composite Deck are the depth of the slab, Weight of the concrete (normal Weight or lightWeight), the support spacing and the uniform load you are