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18 Aug 2015 A wide chimney forms a dam on your roof. Debris builds up behind that dam and holds moisture, which leads to rusted flashing and wood rot. Any chimney wider than 30 in. needs a “cricket,” or “saddle”: basically a small roof 

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deck. But because not all con- c rete roofs are the same, determ i n- ing which roofing system will per-. f o rm best re q u i res the answers to . Built-up roofing. As its name implies, built-up roofing is constructed in layers on the job. Wo rkers mop on hot bitu- men between three or four . roofing problems are pro b l e m s.

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27 May 2014 When it comes to roof decks, you probably don't pay much attention to what is underneath your roof membrane. Heavy moisture vapor accumulating within the roof system leads to problems which could include: loss of insulating value, facer degradation, and This damage will occur with single ply, modified bitumen and built up roof systems not using a well designed vapor retarder.

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Have you considered the condition of the roof deck under the roof system When roof leaks occur there are many times when the leaks go unnoticed for an extended period of time. Insulation in the roof system typically soaks up moisture prior 

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roof deck performance can have a strong affect on shingle perfor- mance. A bad deck the complications that a problem deck creates can usually be traced back to the design . applied with the long dimension aligned vertically up the slope.

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influence the new flashing design. In many older buildings, the original architects designed the roof structure with liberal slope for drainage. Typically, low- slope decks employing masonry or cementi tious materials were protected by built-up.

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In fact, one of the most common issues found during a roof tear-off is soft or rotted roof decking. Long roofing's SureStart PLUS roofing warranty, which can cover your roof up to 50 years, provides another level of comfort and security.

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10 May 2017 decking Recommendations for Built-up roofing and Modified Bitumen Membranes Retained moisture may contribute to problems with the roofing systems installed over such decks when proper precautions are not taken.

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29 Jun 2018 The problem with wooden roof top decks in Chicago (Why do people ruin their flat roofs) This leaves a nice looking wooden deck for people to leave their patio furniture on, bring up a grill, buy a keg or two and have parties.

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costly repairs. To get a handle on this problem and stop it from spreading, replace rotted roof decking as soon as possible. Locate nails that hold shingles in place by lifting up on the end shingle above the one you plan to remove. Slide the 

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4 Oct 2016 Providing a solid roof starts at the base: a roof deck suitable for the nailing and installation of shingles. It ranges from 600 mm up to 1500 mm. This wood movement often causes the the buckling problems with shingles.

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(NOTE: If you see condensation on your windows, it is a sign you might have a similar problem in your attic.) Two of the most common materials used in our market for roof decks are: plywood (on newer homes constructed from 1960 and up)

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On the other hand, roofing material manufacturers and design professionals will start with the roof deck and supporting structure. With the 'deck-up approach,' slope, weight-bearing capacity, fire resistance, and other code issues must first be 

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5 Sep 2014 This job required 2 area's of roof decking to be replaced due to severe warping and rotting. We also sealed 3 pipe collars and installed 2 new caps at the pe

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9 Oct 2014 Hard to notice or even see in may cases, the job of the roofing deck is to hold up the thing that keeps Even with protective wording, the need to be in front of the problem is important if the roofing project is going to be 

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2 Nov 2005 problems with roof sheathing often don't appear until tear-off. As a result, at least one, but often many, of the shingle nailing lines end up falling smack between boards, or so close to the edge that the nails lack holding 

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28 Jul 2009 The roof repair specialists show this 10-year-old roof in Toronto with buckling shingles. This is the result of poor ventilation and has caused the roof deck to become spongy. This is the direct result of 

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22 May 2013 Considering that most roof decks leak due to seam or flashing failure, most often due to seam-adhesive On this project we installed the EPMD rubber membrane over the roof deck and up the side wall of the house, 18 to 22 

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14 Mar 2016 In the first installment of our How-to series, IKO TV host John DeRosa reviews how to prepare your roof deck for a roof repair. One of the keys to having gre

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8 Sep 2014 Hard to notice or even see in many cases, the job of the roofing deck is to hold up the thing that keeps everything dry. Not a big deal After 29 years in the roofing business, Fowler thinks the problem is getting worse.

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3 Dec 2012 The roof deck is the roofing material between the structural components (the trusses and joists) and the Wood generally stands up to the weight of almost any type of roofing material placed on top, although tile may require 

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problem. Have you ever looked up at your roof or a neighbor's and thought the shingles looked uneven This is the result of having a warped roof deck. This is a common issue and goes relatively unmentioned as long as the shingles have no 

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12 Oct 2010 (FIG 4); Is the deck capable of handling a heavier roof system, such as replacing a built-up roof membrane (4-10 to the deck, and tapered insulation or a sloped fill is planned to solve ponding problems, will the clearance at 

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17 Jan 2018 If you have attic access, the easiest way to track down a leak is to go up there with a flashlight and look for the evidence. There will be water stains, black marks or mold. But if access is a problem or you have a vaulted ceiling, 

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If your roof, deck, or insulation is developing water droplets, chances are your forehead is too. roofs are vulnerable to condensation anytime warm, moist interior air rising up through a building comes into contact with a cold roof assembly.

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8 May 2017 Let's look closely at the features of this system that can contribute to condensation issues: The roof deck is “cold” – When insulation is installed above-deck, as with steel construction, the deck becomes part of the building