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12 Dec 2012 Just like Eco wood, natural wood decking is overall solid and natural looking. Each plank gives your a unique, one of the kind color. Some of the popular natural wood decking materials today are iron wood, chengal, balau 

First Yacht Decking in Singapore That Uses Accoya Timber

28 Nov 2012 ''Reflections'' is the name of the first yacht in singapore that uses Accoya wood for its decking. Accoya is a highly durable natural timber material


Outdoor Flooring EvaLAST EcoDECK EasyDECK Timber Composite decking by NBL Express GET NBL decking QUOTE. Our range of solutions include the EcoDECK, EasyDECK and EvaLAST composite decking boards that are made by ECO-FLOORING PTE LTD, which are Highly durable and more long lasting, composite decking is superior to wood for a number of reasons.

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2 Jan 2015 Support underneath the decking is just as important even if you uses good quality material used for the job. up and understanding more about outdoor wooden decking and spoken to 5 or 6 companies(singapore is small so 

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Composite decking is decking material made from an engineered wood product. It contains a mix of resins and wood or cellulose material. Composite or engineered wood is made with shredded wood and cellulose material, often waste 

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Maintaining the deck is one important aspect to make sure your decking is long lasting. Some material will require more maintenance compared to others. If you choose wood decking, you may want to ensure the wood deck is regularly 

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We are the leading provider of outdoor wood decking and flooring materials in singapore, thailand, vietnam and myanmar. Visit us today and learn more!

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Timber decking is a type of construction material used to build outdoor decks and patios. This material can be manufactured using a wide variety of hard and soft wood species, depending on the desired appearance and properties of the 

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23 Sep 2016 I remember liking wooden decking flooring so much, I had them installed inside my house, by the window. Nope, there wasn't a balcony, but that wasn't gonna stop me. Back then, I chose Chengal wood. For lack of knowledge 

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wood decking has recently gained its popularity among singaporeans and developed countries in Asia; more and more people begin to decorate Here are some important information on the common decking materials used in singapore:

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Generally, there are types of decking commonly found in singapore homes. They are wood plastic composite decking as well as natural wood decking. Here's the steps. Often, composite decking is marketed as a outdoor decking material that requires little or zero maintenance; however, this is not the case. Composite 

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A popular wood decking choice in singapore, our natural-looking & heat-resistant wood decking collection is available in Chengal & Ironwood. Explore our High quality wood decking material enables a relatively higher dimensional stability.

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3 Dec 2011 In singapore, we have seen an increase in the number of home owners who did their balcony and planters with Eco wood is simply wood flooring materials that suitable for outdoor under rain and shine, and are Eco friendly