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Single-use coffee cups ban in Scottish government buildings - BBC

30 May 2018 The Scottish government is banning single-use Coffee cups in its main buildings in a bid to cut Plastic pollution. Electoral Commissioner Dame Sue Bruce is chair of the Expert Panel on Environmental Charges and Other 

Is there a serious problem with coffee capsules - BBC News

19 Feb 2016 The German city of Hamburg has banned Coffee pods from state-run buildings as part of an environmental drive to reduce waste. Close share Panel jolt of caffeine - the Coffee capsule machine, in which small Plastic or aluminium pods capped with foil or filter paper ''We're doing our best in society to reduce greenhouse emissions, and in many ways we're making progress, but in 

Plastic Bottles and Coffee Cups - Hansard

17 May 2018 Research by Dr Erik van Sebille at Imperial College London shows that most of the UK's marine Plastic pollution .. Friend the Member for Wakefield (Mary Creagh) not only on securing this debate but on her excellent For example, the Scottish Government have set up a Panel of experts to advise on policy development to tackle Plastic pollution, disposable cups and Plastic straws.

Smile Plastics - Recycled Plastic Materials Design.

Smile Plastics transforms waste into unique decorative Panels for the architecture and design industry. Recycled Plastic materials design. Our material is made from various recycled Plastics or other waste streams of an exceptional quality. We work with (amongst other things) Plastic bottles, yoghurt pots and packaging, plant pots, food packaging and Coffee grounds. All our materials are highly versatile 

Smile Plastics Heal's Discovers

Contemporary lighting & furniture by the best British & international designers. Side Tables · Weaver Green Rugs · Tower Coffee Table · Marble Coffee Tables · Grey Rugs. Smile Plastics was established as a materials design studio in 2015, launching at London Design Festival with a range of Panels made from At the centre are Adam Fairweather and Rosalie McMillan who use their passion for sustainability to create Plastic Panels with a striking aesthetic and a strong narrative.

Ecover launches Rubbish Cafe - where customers pay with plastic

3 May 2018 Ecover launches Rubbish Cafe - where customers pay with Plastic rubbish. This site uses Cookies to provide you with the best possible experience. boards across 400 London transport locations and London Underground escalator Panels in 18 locations featured the crumpled bottle transformation.

Coffee chain Boston Tea Party 'first' to ban disposable cups - BBC

24 Apr 2018 While paper cups can be recycled at specialist plants, they are not suitable for recycling with other paper and cardboard products because they contain a Plastic lining. Other UK Coffee chains have also announced plans to cut 

6 Things You're Recycling Wrong - The New York Times

29 May 2018 We have all done it: a greasy pizza box, a disposable Coffee cup, the odd Plastic bag. Sometimes, we want “There's no way a consumer would know if a cup was lined,” Mr. Ace said, so it's best to throw it away. (You can also 

Scotland plans to ban plastic straws by end of 2019 The Independent

12 Feb 2018 Scotland is set to become the first UK nation to ban Plastic straws, as part of plans to cut down on single-use Plastics. The Independent has launched its Cut the Cup Waste campaign to address the problem of unrecyclable, Plastic-lined Coffee cups. Made of organic and natural materials they are the best eco-friendly alternative to Plastic, steel or glass straws. The Scottish Government will appoint an expert Panel to advise on methods to reduce single-use items, 

Disposable coffee cup bans unnecessary, says manufacturer - BBC

3 Jun 2018 Public bodies are turning their backs on disposable Coffee cups over environmental concerns. Close share Panel Paper cups, which have a Plastic lining to prevent liquid from soaking through, can only be recycled at five recycling facilities in the UK, based in Cumbria, Halifax, Leeds, Cornwall He added paper cups were the best product in terms of food hygiene and convenience.

Plastic coffee cup waste is being cut by a simple change - BBC

A university campus has cut the use of disposable cups with a simple change.

Greenpeace wants new taxes on plastic for Wales - BBC News

12 Sep 2017 Taxes on Coffee cups and Plastics like polystyrene are among those proposed. ''Thanks to a comprehensive package of innovative recycling policies, funding and statutory targets, our recycling rate is now the third best in 

Plastic recycling: Why are 99.75% of coffee cups not recycled - BBC

17 Apr 2018 It's not as easy to recycle your takeaway Coffee cup as people may have thought. Vegware says its products work best in an environment where the waste can be controlled, like a festival. In those kinds of environments 

Plastic coffee cup waste is being cut by a simple change - BBC News

27 Jun 2018 A university campus has cut the use of disposable cups with a simple change.

In conversation with Smile Plastics Material Lab

1 Dec 2017 Smile Plastics offered the first sheet material made fully from recycled Plastic and became an iconic brand up until 2010, individual work - Adam creating the concept of a disposable Coffee cup made from recycled Coffee grounds in 2004, but the basic formula is to use pressure and heat in order to fuse the Plastics waste into large architectural Panels.'' Any notable projects to date

Disposable & Takeaway Coffee Cups Officeworks

26 products Avoid the hassle of washing up after the office party by using Plastic cups for your catering needs. Collect information, please set your delivery location and store. Best Seller. J.Burrows Plastic Cups White 180mL 100 Pack. $4.38.

London Coffee Festival hosts paper cup recycling panel

13 Apr 2018 Coffee cup recycling is still a challenging issue which requires effort from various actors, according to a Panel discussion held yesterday.

Cafes, Shops + Food outlets - Plastic Free July

Cafes, Shops and other Food Outlets. Plastic has become the material of choice for shopping bags, straws, takeaway containers and cutlery, and these items are Finding the 'best' alternatives to single-use Plastic isn't always straightforward.

Lifecycle of a Plastic Product - Plastics – American Chemistry Council

Thermal resistance is evident in the kitchen with Plastic pot and pan handles, Coffee pot handles, the foam core of refrigerators . High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is used for many packaging applications because it provides excellent moisture barrier properties and chemical resistance. Plastic car fenders and body Panels resist dings, so you can cruise the grocery store parking lot with confidence.

BBC - BBC to ban single-use plastic - Media Centre

13 Feb 2018 The BBC is today announcing a three-step plan to remove single-use Plastic from our operations by 2020. canteens by 2019 starting with a pilot in Salford this month, where we will also trial a Coffee cup recycling scheme.

Plastic single-use coffee cups banned in Scottish government offices

30 May 2018 Hot drinks will be served in reusable ceramic mugs in cafes and canteens at offices including St Andrew's House and The government said the move would prevent 450000 Plastic cups from being thrown away each year. Made of organic and natural materials they are the best eco-friendly alternative to Plastic, steel or glass straws. . The government has appointed an expert Panel to look into further options on disposable cups and Plastic straws in Scotland.