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MidCon's metal-edge Tongue & Groove Plank is a lightweight versatile precast concrete plank with a wide variety of applications in commercial, industrial, and institutional roof and floor systems. Metal Edge Characteristics. Size: 2''x1'-6''x10'-0 

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light steel and stainless steels, dynamic performance, fire engineering, sustainable .. Secondary beams and edge beams: Usually S235 or S275 steel. For integrated beams supporting precast concrete slabs, torsional effects should be.

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Spancrete Hollowcore is still as effective and efficient as a building solution today as it was when our first plank was cast Paired with precast components or structural steel, Spancrete Hollowcore provides an immediate working surface and 

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lightweight. Incredibly Strong. Steel-Edge Crete Plank is a simple, dependable structural product made from time proven building materials. lightweight yet incredibly strong. Nails easy, drills easy and saws easily. 2” thick by 15' or 18' 

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6.03 Edge Beam to Hollow Core Connection. 6.04 Precast Wall 6.08 Hollow Core to Steel Beam Connection: Edge Beam. 6.09 Column The design of the structure to support the Hollow Core planks shall be the responsibility of the Structural Engineer for the project unless . plumbing, electrical and mechanical services can be catered for along with larger voids such as stair openings and light wells.

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light steel and stainless steels, dynamic performance, fire engineering, sustainable .. Secondary beams and edge beams: Usually S235 or S275 steel. For integrated beams supporting precast concrete slabs, torsional effects should be.

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metal-edge tounge & groove plank is a lightweight (12 psf) precast concrete plank produced in a standard 1'-6''x10'x2'' size with a cold-rolled 22 ga. galvanized metal edging. For extreme environmental conditions, stainless steel edging is 

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STEEL EDGE CRETE PLANK. STEEL EDGE CRETEPLANK is made from concrete and galvanized steel which form a basic structural unit, 2” thick by 15'' or 18'' wide by 10'-O'' long, lightweight aerated concrete is inte- grally cast into 

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With the variety of decks to be encountered (both new and old), it is incumbent upon roofing experts to be the authority on these matters. This article will explore features of precast lightweight cementitious planks. Steel-edge crete plank is an.

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Composite Slabs and Beams Using Steel Decking: Best Practice for Design and Construction .. Cladding support method (for edge trim design, etc.) .. and lightweight concrete respectively, and similarly 2350 kg/m3 and 1800 kg/m3.

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ELEMATIC. Hollow-core. Plank. 2014 Technical Data Guide for Precast,. Prestressed concrete Hollow-core Plank load bearing metal stud and Girder-Slab shallow steel beam structures. Field grout is delivered by ready mix . 2” lightweight concrete roof topping (110 pcf). +0.35 . shown. a. Sections and details showing connections, weld plates, edge conditions and support conditions of the hol-.

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Composite slabs with profiled steel sheeting have been designed to BS 5950-4 and the profiled decking used for those slabs to BS 5950-6. Composite floor components – downstand edge beam, longitudinal trapezoidal decking, through deck welded shear stud, edge trim and concrete . the upper flange but can also be used to support hangers for relatively lightweight items suspended from the soffit.


largest steel producers, with an aggregate crude steel capacity of more than 28 million tonnes and approximately . the concrete in the upper floor slabs is used to provide the thermal mass . Normal weight. lightweight. Maximum thickness of concrete available for thermal mass is. 75-100mm. The new building was designed .. downstand edge beams were eliminated from the design and spine beams 

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Multideck is a high performance, profiled, galvanised steel floor decking for use in the construction of composite floor slabs. Find out more. Unique profile requires less concrete than other decks to achieve any given slab thickness. 3. Gauge 

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MD60-V2 provides an excellent composite union between steel deck and concrete to maximize load carrying and spanning up Multideck MD146 is the most advance trapezoidal steel deck on the market and is a direct alternative to precast concrete planks, delivering unpropped span capabilities lightweight construction

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This guide covers the design and construction of composite slabs and beams, and addresses . Decking is light and is delivered in pre-cut lengths that are tightly packed into steel or concrete alternatives for both a conventional four storey office block . In particular, these drawings should define the edges and thickness.

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Have high load capacity. Hollowcore Floor planks, as a floor system, provide: □ Required fire ratings m2 of hollowcore floor planks per day. □ Efficient, lightweight Section The hollow Steel edge beam. NOTE: May require propping.

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Design value of the shear force acting on the structural steel section. Vb,Rd . Both normal weight concrete and lightweight concrete are used in composite slabs. For normal weight concrete a free edge, the critical perimeter is given by:.


B. Designs: // channel // flat plank // steel edge flat plank. 1.2 MANUFACTURER'S QUALIFICATIONS. Products of one manufacturer regularly engaged in making precast concrete planks of type specified. Manufacture: Reinforced concrete, composed of // lightweight // regular weight // mineral aggregate, portland cement 

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Steel Edge Creteplank is made from concrete and galvanized steel which form a basic structural unit, 2″ thick by 15″ or 18″ wide by 10′-0″ long. lightweight aerated concrete is integrally cast into galvanized tongue and groove edges on 

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Low concrete and steel usage. Central stud metal deck and composite slab. Especially suited to . For lightweight aggregate concrete (LWAC), wet and dry weights are taken as 20 and 19kN/m3 respectively. . (SCI) P300 'Composite Slabs and Beams Using Steel. Decking: Normal weight (dry) 2350kg/m3. lightweight (wet). 1900kg/m3. lightweight (dry). 1800kg/m3. Datum Edge. 225 Pitch. R4.

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The Edges of concrete Floor Slabs are usually formed by using concrete Slab Edge Shuttering, which acts as a permanent formwork to the edges of the slabs and any internal This is made from pressed strips of light gauge galvanised steel.