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Here's a step-by-step guide on how to breathe new life into your boat by refurbishing the deck & furniture. Typically built from aluminum (frame and pontoons) with a wood deck, pontoon boats lend themselves easily to restoration because there's usually no complicated and difficult The best way to do this is to find a level spot (like a garage floor), put the boat on the surface and commence measuring.

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If you have a pontoon boat with carpet, you've most likely experienced a great deal of mold and fungal growth, and possibly even a breakdown of the fibers resulting in tears and exposure of the wood beneath. Torn pontoon flooring 

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30 Jun 2017 pontoon boat decking gives you so many choices: sizes, materials, covering. that every pontoon owner learn about the deck of their boat, as well as how to protect, maintain, repair and replace Yes, it's high-quality plywood that's most often used for boat flooring. Pros: Lightweight, strong and usually defect-free, this wood is constructed with waterproof glue so that water and high 

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17 Jul 2017 In this video tutorial we will show you the complete steps to reupholster a pontoon steering console. boat and not only reupholstered the steering console, but we also installed new Infinity Luxury Woven flooring, installed a 

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28 apr 2012 How to repair Hole in Plywood Deck w Treated Plywood, Deckote System. capitolcitydean. Loading. When we are not fixing holes in decks we are busy with our wood heat business Dean Brandhagen Chimney Services 

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I will describe floor replacement in a runabout, but a pontoon deck would . to completely seal the edges of the plywood and the fastener holes. pontoon Buyer's Guide - Boatland Inc o aluminum decking, offered by most pontoon manufactures 

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Once your wiring is complete, you can put the flooring on. We used ┬ż-inch treated plywood (the cheaper option), but if you really want your floor to last, opt for marine-grade plywood. (EDIT: The copper in new aCQ pressure-treated wood will 

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31 Jan 2014 In this video, I show you how to fix gouges, dents, and deep scratches in hardwood floors. These imperfections can take over your hardwood, and can be easily fixed with some wood filler, a putty knife, some sandpaper, and a 

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wood data. additional reading. Index. 002-970. wooden Boat Restoration&repair. a guide to floor the structure, improve the appearance, reduce the . wooden Boat Restoration & repair explains these techniques, drawing on years .. Frames and floor timbers run athwartships at regular intervals along the keel. The.

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Structural Boat Damage; wood floor Refinishing; Boat Collision repair; Metal Flake repair; Storm Damage Boat repair; aluminum Boat repair; Fiberglass Boat repair; Boat Trailer repair; Jet Ski repair; Boat Windshield Replacement 

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12 apr 2016 I you have a hole, crack or leaky rivet it is super easy to fix on your own with a small propane torch and some HTS-735-11 rods. i DIY repairing a Hole or Crack in an aluminum Boat SUPER EaSY. Sam wood Outdoors.

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after you have cleaned the area, you will want to remove all of the damaged wood. This will be very easy to do because it will literally be crumbling. You cannot repair the boat floor while rotten wood remains as it will only continue to rot.

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30 Jun 2008 repair a squeaky floor without removing the carpet. - Duration: 4:58. Home Maintenance Solution, Inc 77,788 views · 4:58. Concrete Staining Guide - 1. Important Things to Know about acid Staining Concrete floors & Exterior 

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a pontoon bridge (or ponton bridge), also known as a floating bridge, uses floats or shallow-draft boats to support a continuous deck for The decking may be temporary or permanent, and constructed out of wood, modular metal, or asphalt or concrete .. of cotton-canvas covered pontoons, which required more maintenance but were lightweight and easier to work with and transport. . The pneumatic float consisted of an outer perimeter tube, a floor, and a removable center tube.

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Hardwood floors are synonymous with old homes. It's almost impossible to find an old home without them. and yet, they are disappearing because people don't real.

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Newer models are even coming with a slip resistant vinyl flooring as opposed to carpet. o aluminum decking, offered by most pontoon manufactures as a decay proof alternative to wood, is often found in the This condition is impossible to efficiently repair without dismantling the pontoon log and replacing the foam.