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FRX pressure treatment, a durable and leach resistant Class A fire Retardant; reduces Flame spread and smoke It is suitable for permanent and temporary exterior construction such as Decks, balconies, stairways, roof coverings, canopies 

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Wood-Plastic composites (WPCs) are composite materials made of Wood fiber/Wood flour and thermoPlastic(s) In addition to Wood fiber and Wood-Plastic composites were first introduced into the Decking market in the early 1990s. requires less maintenance than the alternatives of solid Wood treated with preservatives or solid Wood of rot-resistant species. . The types of Plastic normally used in WPC formulations have higher fire hazard properties than Wood alone, as Plastic has a 

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A broad range of Lumber: Fire Retardant Treated resources are compiled in this industrial portal which provides information on manufacturers, distributors and Products include fire-Retardant Lumber, utility poles, Decking, and bulkheading materials. and administrative resources to subsidiaries that supply Wood, Wood composite and other products to the retail, construction and industrial markets.

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Using the right Decking material makes a big difference in areas prone to wild fires. a number of tropical hardWoods, and many Wood- (or other fiber) Plastic-composite products that have been manufactured with fire-Retardant additives.

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Icmirabella Decking & Flammability Standards. Decks are a potential source for spreading fire to the home, especially in areas at high risk of forest fires. A company called Icmirabella has developed fire-resistant composite Decking. It performed better than 

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The actual Flame-spread rating of treated Lumber or plyWood depends on the fire-Retardant chemicals used and the . PlyWood Decking, if not tongue and groove, must also have unsupported joints solidly backed with FRTW or plyWood.

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15 Dec 2016 Photo of Fire Retardant treatments can reduce the contribution of Wood-Plastic composites to a Such applications include Decking boards and other exterior products around homes in the wildland-urban interface. Tests have 

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Icmirabella Decking may appear like a regular Wood surface, with its Lumber shape and Wood grain appearance, but Icmirabella Decks actually consist of a combination of Wood, Plastic and sawdust. Icmirabella Decks, despite their composite quality, can still burn 

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Even though noncombustible Decking products are available (e.g., metal Decking and lightweight concrete), many Decking products are combustible. Untreated Wood and Wood treated with fire Retardant, as well as Plastic and Wood-Plastic 

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27 Apr 2010 Keywords: WoodePlastic composite. Fire Retardants. Mechanical properties. Heat release rate. Oxygen index. a b s t r a c t. WoodePlastic residential construction industry, primarily as Lumber for Decking and railing systems.

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9 Oct 2018 It may not be as beautiful as traditional Wood, but Plastic Deck Lumber offers several advantages, including Fireproof; 100 percent recyclable; Comes with a manufacturer's warranty (often up to 30 years; limited, of course) 

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could result in the ignition of materials stored under a Deck,and burning embers could ignite flammable items on top of it,and possibly even the Deck boards themselves. Currently Deck boards are made from either Wood, pure Plastic, or are a 

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Plastic Lumber is gaining market share in applications ranging from Decking, retaining walls, and fencing to . Plastic Lumber contains various additives such as color pigments, UV stabilizers, and sometimes Flame Retardants. Analysis of these 

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These are displayed in order of quality and price – standard Decking being the least expensive and Culpeper 5/4 CLEAR being the most expensive. Plastic or Plastic composites, even with faux Wood grain, still look and feel artificial.

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Most Deck boards used in open framed Decks are considered combustible (Wood, Plastic or fiber-Plastic composites). If exterior rated fire-Retardant treated Lumber is used, then the Deck boards are classified as ignition resistant. Most solid 

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Fire rated composite AmeraDeck Decking, backyard building supplies - hardWoods, composites, cedar, ipe, redWood and for this type of Decking Wood; however, AmeraDeck Decking Wood has a lot more to offer than just being fire-resistant.

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Decks are where fires often start, whether from windblown embers or from charcoal falling out of your grill. Most Wood species are rated Class C for fire resistance, but you can build safer with a Class A–rated composite Decking like 

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Plastic Lumber and thermoPlastic composites are sold as alternatives to Wood products. A life cycle assessment (LCA) of alkaline copper quaternary (ACQ)-treated Lumber in comparison to Wood Plastic composite (WPC) Decking shows that the latter has a significantly . Some papers described PP/Wood flour/fire Retardants (), PP/talc/Wood flour () and PP-Wood fiber and PP-cotton fiber () composites as 

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Even though noncombustible Decking products are available (e.g., metal Decking and lightweight concrete), many Decking products are combustible. Untreated Wood and Wood treated with fire Retardant, as well as Plastic and Wood-Plastic 

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10 Mar 2016 The Video detail information come from:/products/solid_Deck.html E-mail:infoSeven trustgroup WPC Decking is a kind of new ec

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Deciphering the code behind fire-resistant construction. One test designed to determine the flammability of Decking replicates that scenario in a controlled environment. . Several brands of composite Lumber may satisfy the latter requirement, but confusion remains regarding this material's suitability in the wildland-urban 

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For Decking and stair treads, use exterior fire-Retardant-treated Wood, minimum 3-inch nominal thickness, or brick or comparing the performance of Plastic and composite materials to heavy timber Decking when exposed to Flames and heat,